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Romans 13 SERIES Romans 13

The Gospel of God

Romans 12:3-21 SERIES Romans 12:3-21

In view of God’s mercy

Romans 12:1-2 SERIES Romans 12:1-2

The Gospel of God

Romans 11 SERIES Romans 11

The Gospel of God



Justified By Christ

A Theology on Suffering

A Theology on Suffering




A Light in the Darkness

Orphan Sunday

November 12-13

God of the Empire

The Story of Esther

Freedom Sunday

September 24-25

I'm In

New Message Series August 27th through September 18th

Topics from Proverbs

New Message Series July 24th through August 21st

Love 146

An organization working to end child trafficking and exploitation

Made To Worship

A Study In Psalms


A Study in 2 Timothy

Easter 2016--Alive!

So in Christ all will be made alive.

Passion Week

This weekend marks the beginning of Passion Week.

God Fights For Us

The Book of Exodus

Joy in Hard Places

The Book of Phillippians

Jesus Continued

An 8 week study on the Holy Spirit.

Body Parts

The importance of staying connected to the body of Christ.

Red Letter Stories

A look at some of the parables of Jesus


A study of the book of Genesis
January 2015 - June 2015


Our special Christmas series


a 10-week study through the book of Acts


A five week series talking about the vision of CFC for the next two years.


a look at biblical friendship


"Now we who have believed enter that rest..." - Hebrews 4:3


A study through the book of Revelation

CD-R: Why Image Matters


A look at how God created us in perfection, sin distorted our world in deep and powerful ways, and how Jesus comes to break…

The Gospel of John

a study of the life of Jesus through the Gospel of John

On Mission 2013

Missions Emphasis - April 2013

Stand Alone Messages

These are stand alone sermons given by Pastor Bobby Parschauer

Guest Sermons

Sermons by Guest Speakers at CFC