God Fights For Us

The Book of Exodus

Glory SERIES Glory

Exodus 35-40
Pastor Bobby Parschauer
March 12-13

Defilement SERIES Defilement

Exodus 32-34
Pastor Bobby Parschauer
March 5-6

Dwelling SERIES Dwelling

Exodus 25-31
Pastor Bobby Parschauer
February 27-28

Covenant SERIES Covenant

Exodus 19-24
Brian Moore
February 20-21

The Journey SERIES The Journey

Exodus 15:22-18:27
Ilya I. Tlumach
February 13-14

Deliverance. The Parting of the Red Sea SERIES Deliverance. The Parting of the Red Sea

Exodus 13:17-15:21
Mark Johnston
February 6-7

Supremacy SERIES Supremacy

Exodus 7:8-11:11
Jason Craig
January 30-31

Preparation SERIES Preparation

Exodus 3:1-7:7
Pastor Bobby Parschauer
January 16-17

Oppression SERIES Oppression

Exodus 1-2
Pastor Bobby Parschauer
January 9-10